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Phone Calls

Phone Calls
Haewook | G | 1422 words | fluffy fluffy!
Ryeowook gets more out of his first concert experience than he could have ever hoped for.

a/n: based on this fancam! Written for my darling aibakaneesh!

It was the first concert he’d ever been to by himself. No, it was the first concert he’d ever been to period. The fact that it was his favorite band merely made it that much better.

Ryeowook joined the throngs of fans lining up outside the concert venue, chewing on his bottom lip. He’d saved for months to be able to afford the ticket he now clutched tightly in his hands and was determined to make this night the best he could. If that meant waiting for a couple hours in line so he could get a good standing position on the floor, then so be it.

By the time the lights finally dimmed, he was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. He’d managed to get a spot close to the stage and could only hope that his favorite member would pass him sometime during the show. But either way, when the music started and the announcer welcomed everyone to Super Show 5, he knew that it would be a night he never forgot.


Halfway through the concert, when the band dropped the choreographed performances and instead just goofed around, Donghae wondered over to Ryeowook’s section of the stage. Ryeowook, though he was starting to get tired of being shoved this way and that by the fans around him, suddenly perked up when he saw his favorite member approaching. He had just pulled out his phone in an attempt to get a half-way decent picture when he felt it suddenly being snatched from his grasp. He watched in mild horror as Donghae himself flipped his phone around, then slipped it into his pocket.

Oh god oh god he has my phone. Oh god he’s walking away with my phone.

Donghae grinned, glancing back at the shorter male after he’d taken a few steps; he had pressed his way up against the stage and was reaching out for his phone, looking somewhere between ecstatic and terrified. Finally relenting, he took the phone out of his pocket, beginning to play with it curiously. He took a selca or two, then started scrolling through the contact list. He stopped, clicking on one and holding the phone toward its owner.

“Your mommy?”

Ryeowook couldn’t really hear over the roar but he read lips well enough, and his eyes widened considerably. He started shaking his head frantically, stretching his arm out. His fingers brushed the edge of his phone before Donghae sat down on stage, pressing the phone up against his ear.


Mrs. Kim was in the middle of making late-night snacks for her husband when her cell phone rang. She blinked in surprise, curious as to who would be calling her at this hour, and carefully wiped her hands on her apron before retrieving her phone from the kitchen table.

“Hello?” She pressed the phone up against her ear with her shoulder, going back to slicing the fruits on the counter.

“Hello, mommy?”

“Oh, hi baby. Are you having fun? Or is the con—” She suddenly stopped cutting, her brow furrowing in confusion. That wasn’t Ryeowook’s voice. “Hello?”

“I’m Super Junior Donghae!”

The voice was muffled slightly and she couldn’t hear that well over the dull sound of the music in the background, but she was fairly certain she’d just heard someone claim to be a member of the band her son was supposed to be watching at that moment.

“Excuse me?” she asked slowly.

“I’m Super Junior Donghae! Concert good!”

She was absolutely positive that this band was Korean and couldn’t exactly fathom why she was being addressed in English. Or why she was being addressed by a band member at all.

“See you later!”

And the line went dead.

She put down her knife and stared at her phone for a moment before putting it back on the kitchen table with a confused shake of her head. Well, she supposed Ryeowook was having fun.


Donghae played with Ryeowook’s phone for a minute more before he slid it back into the boy’s waiting hand with a childish grin. He paused until Ryeowook’s eyes met his, then he winked and ran off to another part of the stage, raising his microphone to his lips.

Ryeowook stood, dumbly staring at the cell phone in his hands, trying to comprehend what had just happened. This sort of thing didn’t happen in real life. In his dreams, maybe, but certainly not in real life, at a real concert. And suddenly he was very aware of the fans around him staring (or glaring? It was hard to tell.) at him and he cleared his throat, holding onto his phone tightly in one hand and waving his light stick with the other, starting to sing along with the next song purely out of reflex.

For the rest of the concert, the only thing on his mind was the image of Donghae winking at him over and over and over.



Ryeowook slipped off his shoes in the foyer before shuffling into the living room. His mom was sitting on the couch, reading a book. She slipped off her glasses as she looked up at him.

“How was the concert? Fun?”

He nodded, grinning. “It was great. Better than I expected. I wish I had tickets for the show tomorrow too!”

She laughed softly. “I thought you had fun.” She waited a second, then plowed ahead. “Do they usually call fans’ parents during the show?”

The tips of Ryeowook’s ears turned red and he thought for a minute about how to respond before he settled with, “So he actually really called you?”

“I got a call from someone who kept saying he was Super Junior’s Donghae, if that’s what you mean.” She watched his cheeks slowly turn pink as he sputtered, a knowing smile spreading across her face.

“He—One of the members took my phone. You know I had a ticket close to the stage. He was messing around with it and…and he called you…” he said lamely, but his heart quickened a bit as the memories of playful smiles and winks directed solely at him shot forth in his mind.

“Donghae seemed very nice. He’s your favorite, isn’t he?” Mrs. Kim noted, standing slowly and waving him toward his room before he hand a chance to say anything. “Now you get some rest. You have class tomorrow, don’t you?”

Ryeowook could only nod as he was pushed toward his room.


After a quick shower, Ryeowook flopped down on his bed, fully intending to go to sleep, when he noticed his phone blinking. Curious, he grabbed it, only to find he had a text message from an unknown number.

Hey. I hope you don’t mind that I took your phone during the concert tonight. You were cute.

Ryeowook nearly stopped breathing. I hope you don’t mind that I took your phone. There was only one other person who had touched his phone that night. That one other person was the member of a famous band. That one other person had apparently taken his number as well.

Let me buy you dinner to make it up to you?

He let out a strangled squeak, not exactly sure he wasn’t just hallucinating this. He stared at his phone dumbly for the second time as the full implications of this text message slowly sunk in. Lee Donghae had essentially just asked him out. On a date. Lee Donghae. He had no clue why Donghae would want to buy him dinner, but apparently he did and Ryeowook took a couple deep breaths to calm himself. He was absolutely sure of his reply, though, and he typed it with shaking fingers. If this was a dream, then he never wanted to wake up.


Donghae was lying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with his hands folded behind his head. His phone was resting lightly on his stomach.

He shot up a moment later when he felt it vibrate and grinned when he realized it was a text message from the boy at the concert.

My name is Ryeowook, by the way.

He couldn’t help but dial the number this time, nearly letting out a joyful laugh when the boy answered.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ryeowook. I’m Donghae. Are you free next weekend?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, y-yeah—”

“Great! I’ll text you the details later, okay? Sleep well!”

“Y-you too!”


He’d been right.

It had definitely been a night he would never forget.

Tags: genre: fluff, group: super junior, pairing: haewook, type: one shot
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