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21 April 2015 @ 11:52 am
RyeowookxOC | PG-13 | 1110 words | the fluff | warning: suggested sexual content
Ryeowook's girlfriend is upset, so he takes it upon himself to calm her down.

a/n: I'm sorry I haven't written anything in forever! School has been crazy but I hope to fic again soooooon

“I can’t believe him!” Sae Rin threw her pencil across the table; it bounced off the vase in the middle and shot across the floor, ending up under the couch. She didn’t move to retrieve it. Instead, she folded her arms over her chest and glared at the wall.

Ryeowook, who had been sitting on the couch flipping through a book she’d loaned him, let his eyes flicker up to see her briefly before he looked back at the page. “Hmmm?” he said, his voice little more than a hum.

“Another damn project! On top of the five I’m already in charge of and the client meetings I’m supposed to be preparing for and leading in the next few days. Another damn project that he wants done in two days because his time management sucks ass.”

This time, Ryeowook’s gaze lingered on her for a long minute. He wasn’t used to hearing her swear so much; normally, she didn’t swear at all, so he knew she must have been fairly furious.

“So I have to work on it at home. But this project is stupid and I shouldn’t have to be working on it anyway and--bear--this--is--so--dumb.”

Ryeowook let the book fall to the couch as he jumped up, across the room in three steps and grabbing her shoulders, keeping her from hitting her head against the table again. He slowly wrapped his arms around her neck, resting his chin on the top of her head. “That’s ridiculous.”

“I know!” She groaned, tilting her head back until it hit his neck and letting it rest there. She let out a long, slow breath and brought one hand up to rest gently on his forearm, her eyes slipping closed. “I wanted to spend time with you this week and now I get stuck with this.” Her voice was soft but it rung loud and clear in his ear.

He shifted slightly, pressing a gentle kiss to her warm cheek before letting his lips drift toward her ear instead. “Now I hate your boss too.” His breath tickled her ear and a hint of a smile flashed across her lips.

“I mean, it’s not just me. The whole team’s frustrated with him.” Her shoulders dropped as Ryeowook straightened, his hands running over her collarbones before starting to gently rub the base of her neck.

“I bet.”

“And it’s not fair.”

“No, it’s not.”

“And this isn’t fair either.”

Her eyes snapped open as she dipped her head back further to stare up at him pointedly. He put on his best innocent face and raised his hands in defense.

“I don’t know what you could possibly be talking about!” he said, shaking his head slightly.

“You know for a fact that I can’t do anything when you start that.”

He smirked, playing with a strand of her hair as he leaned down and gently nibbled at the crook of her neck. “Oh, you can’t?”

She scrunched up her nose, trying not to smile. “Or when you do that.”

“Really?” His fingers tugged at the neck of her shirt, pulling it down just enough to expose her collarbones, which he ran his lips over. She shivered slightly at the feeling of his lips on her skin before she snapped to her senses

“Ryeowook!” she whined, leaning away from him and playfully glaring at him.

“But I wanted to spend time with you too! You were at a conference last week and I was gone the week before that and I think your boss should just deal.”

She cast a feeling glance at the vague sketches filling up the table, then looked up at him. “Compromise? I finish my sketches and then we can do whatever you want. I’ll have more motivation to work then.” She winked.

Ryeowook let out a loud laugh, quickly kissing her forehead before plopping down in the chair across from her. “Fine, but I’m gonna sit over here to motivate you to work faster.”

“Well...first I’m gonna need to find my pencil.”

He rolled his eyes. “That’s my Rin, always losing stuff.”




Sae Rin threw down her pencil again, but this time it just rolled halfway across the table before stopping. She scrambled to pick up the papers around her and tucked them sloppily into a folder. Across from her, Ryeowook looked up from the book he’d gone back to reading.


“Well, they’re probably the worst sketches I’ve ever done, but it’s something to present at the concept meeting tomorrow.”

He grinned, snapping the book shut and standing, pulling her up as well and hooking his arms around her waist. “Oh good.” One hand slid up to cup her cheek; he gently ran the pad of his thumb over her lips. “I’m gonna need your boss to stop giving you so much work. It’s interfering.”

“Why don’t you tell him that?” she retorted, playfully nipping at his finger. “I’m sure that’ll go over well.” She straightened, puffing out her chest and putting her hands on her hips in her best unflattering imitation of him. “Mr. Lee, stop giving my girlfriend extra work to do. It’s preventing me from being able to make out with her.”

Ryeowook laughed, tugging her close to his chest and pressing his lips against hers; she melted into his kiss without a fight, letting their lips move together slowly as she wrapped her fingers in the back of his t-shirt. “What if I did?”

“I might have to quit out of embarrassment,” she answered immediately, pulling his head back down to kiss him again, grinning against his lips. His hand slid up the back of her shirt and rested on the small of her back, the warmth from his skin spreading through her entire body. She blinked slowly. “That might not be such a bad idea, actually. I know a couple other places that are looking for designers.”

Ryeowook groaned as she started to turn away, tightening his grip around her body. “No, no, you can go looking for new jobs later, you said that you were done for the night!” he whined, tucking his face in her neck and kissing it softly.

She stopped mid-fidget and smiled, running her hands up his back and into his hair. “Mkay, job hunt later. Kissing the boyfriend now.”

He scooped her up in his arms suddenly; she squealed, clinging to his neck, as he chuckled. “Kissing the boyfriend now,” he repeated, bumping his nose against hers as he made his way toward the bedroom.

“Much better than work.”

Much better,” he agreed, grinning as he shut the door behind them.